The Artlab project, which aims to analyze socio-cultural conflicts and offer relevant solutions, is working on behalf of the European Social Fund (ESF) to develop and implement a digital tool for conducting personality analysis, where all forms of discrimination are avoided: language, origin, gender, cultural background, environmental influences, upbringing, religion, etc.

The Emotional Response Tool (ERT) is based on a non-final database consisting of all kinds of abstract art forms that generate psycho-emotional reflexes. By means of Deep Learning (A.I.), in-depth analysis profiles are generated in which subconscious choices can be discovered that in turn offer new professional opportunities. Our TCA partners for this project are SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation of Bulgaria and GarantiaJovem of Portugal.

A second part of the project is the research and development of a digital platform and a White Paper with the aim of guiding and coaching women in relation to personalized jobs in the digital world.

Together with our national partner Syntra Flanders and our transnational partner SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation from Bulgaria, research is being conducted into the deepening of relevant factors of entrepreneurial competencies, including innovation, financial and digital literacy, and sustainable entrepreneurship in function of a circular economy.